A few days!

One can summaries time in one way when you have fun, they fly, every second and every minute.

It’s soon time for me to go home, where ever that is? I feel kind of “locy” here in Telluride. However Sweden is alway Sweden, and that’s where I alway head back. For 10 days I’ll be home, 7 of does days will be spent with the team (www.teampeakperformance.se) in Åre for our first training camp together. The schedule is packed with fun things and you will get to know everything worth knowing! A quick trun over in Sthlm and “boom”, a one way ticket to Switzerland from the 17th of feb and forward.

Last couple of days the developing team from Peak Performance headquarter was here, I have worked with them for a few years now and it was fun to really show them what my life is like in my environment. What I do and how I do it!

After they left I finally wanted to make a last attempt before I go back to Sweden next week. I have talk about doing the three 14.000 feet summits by Mt Wilson. The three peaks are Mt Wilson, El Dente and Wilson Peak. This time, we started early, alpine start as they call it, 04.00 am. The wind was howling in the trees and snow was coming down sideways. Third time up there this year, always pretty in the mountain, but it was super windy, gust wind up to 45-50 mph. Meaning we had a really hard time just standing up on our feet. When the sun came up over the horizon we got some hope. We bagd Mt Wislon, once again but had to face the bitter truth, it was not going to happen this time. Instead Ricky, Dave and I skied the Box Car Colouiar. An outing that took us 7 hours and 40 minutes.

I have solo climbed some ice, first time in 4 week because of my ribs. Hanging in the tools again feels great. My love for ice climbing is hard to explain, but it’s just one of does things you have to try, at first you’ll hate it and than you’ll hopefully love it. I just wish I had my climbing partner here to do the big things in the area. But he’s guiding in Austria at the moment. So we’ll see what I can get done before I leave. A lot of people and friends in my near vicinity dislike that I solo climb ice. I can understand them but the truth is, Regardless you’re lead climbing ice and protect it with screws or solo climbing you can’t take a fall. For both of this scenarios the consequence is big. That’s my take on that.

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