Ants in my pants!

So much to say, but so few lines to keep you interesting reading. A month runs away like a storm passing over the mountain. And that’s exactly where I spent my time, in the mountain in the heart o the alps, Switzerland among other beautiful alp countries. Chasing powder and summits, my so long passion. Alps offers a big diversity, it’s not like north america with feather light snow, however the sharp mountain range that reaches through 7 countries is incomparable. In just a few weeks a traveled to Italy, Austria, France and spent of course a lot of time in Switzerland. Highlights, the Ortler Gruppe in the South Tyrol, Northern Italy! Insane amount of snow with great mountains and easy access to big and exposed lines. It’s a reason why it’s called little Himalayas! I have to add all my friends and all the people I meet too, so many good memories!

As this weeks past quick, I traveled back to Sweden. A weird thought strike me. I had never before, in 10 years, finished a ski season in march. But new times has come, training and racing, our exiting season, our new team has been itching my mind. I’m feel so much hunger, all I want to is improving myself in so many areas. I look on this with excitement. My passion in else where now, it’s here, in biking, running and kayaking! And in the willingness to build a podium team!

Our journey started february 10th in Åre as you know since earlier posts. What can be added is this movie, a short presentation of or team. I looking forward to start the season, and yes, we’ll be in shape for China in a month! Coming

Pictures shows a good day with Jonas and Johan in Verbier. More picture, visit my Facebook: Click here to be directed to my Facebook account


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