Busy doing nothing at all…

That’s what people see. Training, resting, eating, having someone who support you, traveling, seeing awesome places. But that’s not really the full story. All coins have a flip side. I live me dreams, following my heart. And I have always done so. However, this is not always easy, many times it actually hurts. Not just when training or racing. I made choice 2 years ago, to give this a chance. To become as good as I possible could in a sport. I choose adventure racing, the most cutting edge sport on the planet. Running, biking and kayaking. Three technical and skill full disciplines that requires a lot of time and practice. Than add navigation through jungle, of mountain and on the ocean for multiple days. Nothing is what it looks like. I will get back to this.
I’m now racing for one of the best and upcoming teams. Goals are set high and we are not afraid of talking about them. We, not just us in or team, I am talking about the sport and all athletes involved, is facing the biggest challenge of all times so far. Make Adventure Racing get the reputation it deserve. World wide! At the moment, we are not good and well behaved ambassadors. No, people are happy to be given a pair of shoes and some socks for sponsorship. Get discount in outdoor- and sport stores when buying gear.
Look at this. I train about 20 hours a week, sometimes more, sometimes less, but it’s still the same amount of hour any elite athlete would do that compete in the World Cup/World Series in any sport. What would it look like if Charlotte Kalla or Zlatan, who train equally as much, asked for discount at a sport store as sponsorship or just where given some gear. Could they pay there bills, make a living.. Probably not, and this is what we are doing. We need to be bigger than that, aim higher. Just like the two names named above. Or we will dig our own grave! We need to help one each other to bring this sport to the surface, create icons just like Kalla and Zlatan. Explain the sport in a way people can understand, and I know, this is not easy. (I’m doing an attempt myself on this website). Our level of fitness is unmatched, our variety and HIGH level of many discipline is unique. Myself could probably take a spot in the national team in running, but I chose not to. I would place myself well in a MTB race against the best mountain bikers in Sweden. And most likely in a surf ski kayak, orienteering and alpinism too. I’m not trying to talk up myself, I’m trying to explain the level we are at as athletes. This is one steep and we need to jump! I, just like Kalla and Zlatan, want to be excepted as real athletes at all levels too. This is one of my goals too and I will write more about this.

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