CP hard!

I been home for a few weeks now. Left an amazing winter i the alps to great and hard training in Sweden. I meet up with Mike and Simon in Örnsköldsvik, we had not deiced for how long I was going stay, just that we could have some fun training and working together. I week past, one day paddling in Öviksfjärden, next day ice skating. One day warm sunny weather, next day full on snowstorm. That life, and great training for your mind as well. We completed ever session like it was our last, the three of us competing against each other with saying we did. That meant hard work for al of us.

After a little more than a week in Örnsköldsvik with running, orienteering, kayaking, biking and strength training Simon and I hit the road to drive down to Stockholm. We had a plan, get our new bikes and kayak a lot. And so we did, we had a few big days in Sthlm Archipelago thanks to good friends and Anders who let us stay in his apartment on Sandhamn. So last wednesday we got our new bikes, like kids the day before christmas we had a hard time sleeping the night before. We finally got our machines from Specialized and they are sick. Needier of us have never biked on anything like that. Helpful staff at the Specialized Concept Store in Stockholm got us fitted right and we spent the following day out in the forest and road around Stockholm.

Once again we pack up our gear and flew down to Fuerteventura and Playitas were we are now. Yesterday was a big day with +4 h biking and +2 h running up on the highest peak on Fuerteventura. The top of Jandia is called Pico de la Zarza with it’s shy 807 meter summit. But we had a lot of fun! Today is our second day here, kayaking in strong wind and trail running in the mountains where scheduled. That is now completed and we just a a gym session left today.

In a week we’re getting ourself ready to fly over to China for our season start, this with excitement! We’ll try do give you more updates now when the season starts so you can follow our adventures year!

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