What more can I say. A friend of mine sent me an email; -Staffan, do you know that Emelie and Kilian is in Colorado, you should get in contact with them and meet up. I answered; -No, I didn’t know that. How could I get hold of them. I don’t know them?

A day later they showed up in Telluride. We got connected. I gave them some tips on what they could do over an email. However, it’s not to often we have Swedes in the area, and it’s definitely not everyday you have two World Champions in trail running in town and one World Champion in Skimo (Ski Mountaineering).

We joined up for dinner. And we agreed on doing something together. That happen today and man, I got worked. This was a real eye opener for me. This is the people I want to compare myself with and I still have some ways to go. I’m really impressed by how they move in steep train on their gear. Some of you know that I thought Emelie should have gotten the “Bragdguldet” in Sweden this year. We in Sweden do not understand what she have accomplished in such short period of time. And that’s a bummer. Some of you also know that I have two role models, Kilian being one of them and Ueli Steck the other one. I learned a lot today, lets start there. It’s hard for me, I don’t have the body for Skimo like they have. I had a hard time keeping up, or should we say, really hard time. I would love to be more fit for this kind of activity, inspiring it was, I kept thinking, this is the level I want to reach. The next level! But not just for me moving around in the mountains, I want to apply this to everything I do. That’s who I am and who I want to be. I can’t thank Emelie and Kilian enough, this was the first time in many years I got my as kicked! And I hope it will repet it self, not to often, but now and than. Just as a reminder, like the guy I meet in Moab last year said to me; -Staffan, it do not matter how cool or strong you think you are, there is ALWAYS someone out there that is cooler and stronger than you! Thanks!


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