Maui, Hawaii – Center of the Earth!

I’m so grateful that I got to experience Maui and Hawaii this soon. And WHAT a place! I will and have to come back.

It is called the center/heart of the earth by the native people and I can now see why and vote for it. Water sport haven, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP, snorkeling, wale watching and diving. But also, with some research, also a place for MTB, Trail running, Hiking, Yoga and RAW food lovers! With an amazing nature the take your breath away!

SUP Hawaii

6.30 am, Sun is just rising and Marcus, Wille and I heading out to get some waves in Kahana.

SUP Hawaii

This is my second time stand up paddel boarding in waves. First time was just hours previous to this. I got around 15 big waves under three hours, and a brand new experience. Watching big turtles, like real big one, wales and fish. Apparently there where 6 foot TigerSharks around too but I never saw them..

Wale watching!

Here from the road to Lehaina we stopped and looked at the big wales playing just out side the shore!

Iao Valley

Iao Valley, the valley of all the legends on Maui. Here, in this valley they fought the biggest battle of history of the Hawaiian islands. They fought for power, who was going to be the king over Hawaii. A lot of people lost their lives and the ledgens talks about night marchers. Fire bolt that are moving around in the djungel without torch and a body to carry it. The souls of lost warriors.

Comando Trail

Three big waterfalls was the word. First one, warm up, second one (this one that the picture feature) biggest one, last one = sketchy! Erik and Summer having headache for this one. Probably around 13 meter high.


First jump, the warm up!


Happen to find a Surfski race to participate. They have total eight canoe clubs on Maui and first week in January there season starts. I rented a boat for Richard and had so much fun. Perfect environment for water sports. With some really good paddlers. Finished around 6 place totally.


Road to Hana is a must is you go to Maui! This island have eleven different climate zones of 16 exciting ones. The vulcano have not been active on Maui for 500 years so the nature have really had time to kick in and do it’s thing!

Road to Hana.

If you can’t afford a cabriolet you have to be a little inventive! Roll down the window and feel the wind in you hair. Erik was my personal driver for this whole trip. Thanks!


Camping and trespassing is a hard thing to accept as a Swedish citizen when traveling. There are many rules about where and how to camp. However this night we took it in our own hands and took a chance. We slept under the stars at the point down by the water in this picture. Wonderful!

Kaupo Gap

Kaupo Gap, you can never do it in a day.. That was the word, the trail is hard to find and prepare for a long day. That’s was the following sentence. We accepted the challenge. We left the trail head 8.05 am in the morning and where at the summit by 5.05 pm. This hike is famous as the sea to summit hike and are 35 km long and have a vertical gain of 3000 meters through the hot volcano crater. Michael back tracked the trail and run in to us in the late afternoon. BIG Thanks to Michael who drive us back to our car.


Closer to paradise you is hard to get! Look at the water and all the green!!!

Lunch and cross legged.

Cross legged under a palm tree eating lunch with this view!

Kaupo trail!

Kaupo Trail had everything. Thanks too some clouds we didn’t get fried on our way up. The nature is so fertile here.


This place I could get married. Next to us, out of sight there is a church you by the water with a spectacular sunset and position. We were breath taken!


One day, after the Surfski race we meet up with Tim, an old client of mine. We took a 16 km long hike on the west island, 400 vertical gain. He is still strong, here standing on the top of the trail. And like they say, what comes up must come down!


Surfer boys by Kazuma Surf board factory. An old pineapple factory that turned into making the best boards on the planet. Wille was the lucky one today when we picked up his new custom made kite board.


Testing out the gear I rented before the start. Setting the right length for my legs.


Camping, NO WiFi, means: When the sun sets and it gets dark it is time for sleep. Then you wake up at sunrise and live by the natural cycle.

Lava tube!

Climbing in and up through the lava tube. This was so cool!!


Parts of the lava tube you had to swim, when you got to the end of dark you climbed up the waterfall inside the tube and continued.


Oops, this is where we got out from the lava tube 45 min later. we had one headlamp, recommend at least one per person and a double dry bag inside your backpack. This tube is impossible to find if you don’t go with a local who knows the area. Thanks Summer!


Staffan “spiderman” making way on the Commando trail through the webb of mangrove trees.


Biggest cliff jump of that day, Erik going for it!!

Tree at the beach!

We also found this awesome tree by the Baldwin Beach. We spent some time just hanging out on it. Pretty damn cool! =)


Climbing venis in the old and native trees are probably both forbidden and stupid. They can easily brake I was told later and you can take big falls.


I learned here to always “secure” the area above you before having picknick or sleeping under a palm.

Peanut butter

A whole store full of RAW food, can’t get better than this. This island most be the centre of Yoga and RAW food. So easy and accessible. Here making our own peanut butter in the grocery store.


We did a lot of swimming, probably 3 times a day. I just loved taking of like this from the lave cliffs in to the blue water!

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