Mountain Happiness!

First update for the “new” blog, hopefully a bunch of new readers. For you who have followed me, there will be some changes. Still this is about the Never Ending Tour, but just now, or actually for three years and in to the future, I will be training, competing and devote almost all my time with and for Peak Performance Adventure Racing Team. That journey can be watched and read about here. All members of the team will meet in Åre on february 10th and there our real journey start together. Our goal is to become World Champions in Adventure racing, the hardest and toughest sport in the world, within three years.  If you doubt my words, stay tuned and I’ll try my best to convince you over the next coming three years! =)

As of now I’m finishing up my two months in Telluride, CO, USA. I have spent seven winters here and this is like home. I will continue coming here, it’s a special place for me. It’s hard to explain for someone who have not been here, but hopefully my pictures tells more than 1000 words. Powder, Ice climbing, Real Mountains, Nearness to the Desert, Fantastic Friends, Skiing, Atmosphere over your head and more. (I also like to point out, sometime it might be some time between my updates here, than use my new links on the right hand side, click in “Visit my Facebook” or “Visit my Instagram” and you will find smaller updates and uploads!)

Sara have been here for 10 days now, she have had a Multisport vacation one could say. Skiing, rappelling, running, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, hut nights and more. tomorrow she goes back home to Sweden. Changing her of is a crew from my sponsors doing, Peak Performance. Four friends from Peak Performance head office in Stockholm is coming for a few days. Will be fun to show them around and I think this will make them understand better who I am.

I worked for Telluride Mountain Guides today, guiding a crew from Durango and vicinity! Thanks for a great day: Eric, Pat, Pat, Will and Sara!!!

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