Mt Wilson!

Antoine called me yesterday and ask if I wanted to ski and climb of Mt Wilson, the highest peak in the San Juan Mountain Range. I answered Yes right away. Knowing it’s at least a 7-10 hours round trip! We started at 08.00 (am) this morning, skinned through a creek with tight forest and deep snow. It was slow conditions… After 3 hours we left the trees and stod at the base of the mountain. As we hoped the snow had been wind effected and we had a great windboard to skinn on. However, looking up towards the peaks around us we could see strong winds ripping over the summits. It got stronger and stronger, and when the gust hit us we had a really hard time standing up.. We considered turning around twice but didn’t. Last 45 min we had to boot pack due to a steeper colouiar that was to narrow and steep to skinn. 8 hours and 38 minutes later we were back at the car after a long drag back through the forest.

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