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Many Many Thanks to everyone who been in contact with me lately about me updating more. Wishes of different themes you like to hear my opinion. And here it comes. You have already found out about my main feed source. Instagram. I will try to be more frequent in the future updating more articles too.

I received a question two weeks ago about ski resorts in Europe and what I personally recommend for family guys/women who just got one week without kids and what to make the most of it!

Here is my thought to this.

If you just have one week, you know you have time of. Play it cool. Follow and monitor the weather pattern in the alps, see where it snows and where there is snow. Book your flight ticket just a few days before leaving and rent a car. (It is a myth that the tickets and rental cars get more expensive closer to departure). Use to make your accommodation reservation. Another good tip is, if you travel to USA for skiing, rent the car through a swedish website. That way you pay less tax. Same thing for air plane tickets, they are sometime cheaper if you buy them through an USA website. However, the cheapest site in Sweden with great service is and that’s what I use.

For areas worth visiting I will mention  resorts with sweet skiing including good food. (I value this).

Switzerland: Do the Glacier Express buy car or train. Travel between the Engadin valley (ST:Moritz) to Films/Lax, then Disentis, to Andermatt and finish in Zermatt! Or make this in smaller portions, Films/Lax, Disentis – Andermatt and use the train. Or just Zermatt. Last resort mentioned is more expensive and you have to make reservations earlier. Verbier is also a fun place with easy access to SideCountry and BC. All these resorts offer easy access to the white gold.

Italy: Alagna is great, with endless choices, stay one day in Champoluc, next day in Gressoney. Ski from to town to town and have a taxi take you luggage around. Stay in cheaper hotels and spend the money on the taxi. You are there to ski, not to sleep.

Dolomite SuperSki, the biggest resort in the world, 456 lift on one pass. Well worth a visit! If you get in to the Hotel La Pearl in Corvara, Syd Tyrol, consider your self lucky and take the chance!

France: Val’d sere and La Grave. Val’d sere, you find everything, 5 star restaurants on the hill to 5 start skiing in all directions. Stay down in Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise at Hotel Le Monal. You have La Thuile, Les Arc, La Plagne, Tinge and Val’d sere in are range of 25 km. Amazing skiing and food! Best pizza I ever had at Hotel Le Monal. La Grave is more challenging and need more knowledge, if you don’t have it, hire a mountain guide and they show you the secret stash! Always hire a mountain guide if you want to be safe, have the best experience in and on the mountains. They have all info and knowledge needed to make your vacation a success! Check out these guys for available mountain guides, they are revived buy MySwitzerland as one of the best Mountain Guide companies to share their country and culture.

I usually joke about Switzerland being the the biggest ski resort in the world.But it is the truth. If you are a little open minded and adventures just your imagination will stop you. This might sounds like an expensive way of traveling, but it dosen’t have to be. My wallet is small and I usually travel with a limited budget since I have no fixed income. And it works.

Hope this gave some tips!

Staffan from Hawaii, Maui!



As I have been fortunate to already have been to Zermatt, my all-time favourite in the Alps, and Verbier. I have to flip a coin between Italy and France or as you say let the weather decide. Italy has always met my high expectations though.

With kids, planning will be an issue. It’s not like that year when I managed to book a week in Chamonix in the morning and leave for the airport at lunch.

I love the fact that the Alps are so big and diverse. You can choose new places every time and still return to favourites from time to time.

Thanks Staffan, I now have a lot of new inspiration and ideas. Knowing if I although end up in Zermatt again it is well worth the time and money.


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