Time to leave..

..leave for Chile and the first race of the season. We’ll take on Tierra Viva Adventure Race, a 5 day non-stop race in the Northern Patagonia. I feel well prepared after eight weeks on the road training in Örnsköldsvik, Thailand, Thanyapura Phuket and Playitas Resort. I have to say, Thanyapura, what a place, can’t believe the incredible set up they have there. Pro athlete coaches such as Jurgen Zäck and Nich Gates, their own test centers where we got to give it all, testing FPT and Lactate with Tom. I thought I was going to die.. Great service, amazing food just to mention some sweet things from that adventure. However, we went back to Stockholm and Sweden to played a pond hockey tournament for two days before flying down to Fuerteventura, Playitas and two weeks of concentrated and hard training. Except of a lot of training we ended up on their Wall Of Fame with all other Olympic Athletes that covers the wall in the lobby. Pretty cool thing if you as me. I have never been in better shape, and it’s a great feeling. Mentally I’m in the right place too, feeling great.

I’m traveling to Chile with team mates Mikael Lindnord, Marika Wagner and Jonas Andersson today. Starting racing on sunday, April 12th.

It’s been a few hectic days here in Stockholm before and after Easter, running errands all over the place. As always before leaving for a World Serie (World Cup) event.

The last thing my mom said was; -I just want to see pictures from the podium now Staffan!

She know me and she is right. Lest do our best and see where that will take us. Time to preform and make all that training worth it.

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6 hour trekk on Fuerteventura!


Pointing out for Jonas where and what to aim for.


Making sure we are right in this massive lava field!


Training skills!


This way crew. We also had team members Ted and Henrik from Local Heros Adventure Racing Team, Sundsvall joining us for a week of training!


Looking down, route choice Staffan ???


Always something special with summating a mountain!


Exploring new grounds!


Team Line Up for Chile and Tierra Viva in Norther Patagonia starting on April 12th 2015.


Involving some really cool and exposed climbing at the “Hike”..


Mikael leding the pack when we were practicing coasteneering .


Simon and Marika!


I brought out my big camera again, enjoyed our 6 hour hike taking photos.




Sometimes you fall and have to climb back up!


Riding the fun and really fast roads in Thailand!


Time for open water swimming.


Simon and I have the record time on the ÖtillÖ Training Sprint at Playitas resort, try to beat us!


If you’re just willing to lift and expand you eye sight their is so many cool features just around the corner.


Another early morning session. Jonas is chancing shoes.


Multi Mike at his best!


Looking for a cold drink!


Helena enjoys the magic hours up in the mountains on Fuerteventura!


Marika cranking that carbon horse!






Me, myself and I!




Rad and raw nature!


Me and mikael are always partners in the boat when it is go time (race).


Setting out to explore!


Selfi with Chris Cella (our photographer) and Jonas!


Long boats!




Just less than an hour away with the boat we spent a day out in the archipelago.


This is how one of the sections look like on the jungle trail.


Me deep water soloing.


Kayaking under these really cool limestone formations.




A very cool jungle trail was made during our stay on Thanyapura Phuket resort!


Literally making ways in the jungle.


Catching the magic hour on a pineapple field on Phuket.


Lifestyle Thailand


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