Time to write!

Thanks everyone for your kind words and to all of you who still visit my site due to the lack of updates. As you have noticed a lot of changes have been done on the site lately, this Thanks to my friend Johan. And so has my life been last couple of months, full of changes, all in a positive way. As you have seen you can now follow me through my Instagram “Feed” on the site. This Blog will be used more to inspirer, give ideas, coach and hopefully give some laughs for the future.

As of now, we just finished the Swedish National Championship 10 days ago. We finished 4th, a result we will trun to gold in a near future. After 24 hours of racing, I was worked at the finish line, I had done everything in my power to help my team as much as I possible could. My role this time, to be the work horse as a hell of a job but I did my best race so far this season.

I back to full training now, kayaking, running, biking and swimming as much as I can. Unfortunately we had to “force quit” our hopes to race in France and the World Series starting on september 13th. After a few injuries within the team, nothing major, we took a decision together. Aim everything we got towards the World Championship in Ecuador november 9th to 19th. To explain more, as a team you’re just allowed to use 7 members in 2 years racing in the World Serie, if you use more people, you lose your overall ranking and all you points. (Their is some other races in our vicinity that are interesting, so, if I can solve the financial support for them we’ll go).

Check out my new links on the site to, read more about me and my sport, Adventure Racing.

I’ll be back soon, I promise, talking about training, racing and life!